Unknown Asian Girl Gives Head

by Ethnic Lover on April 17, 2014

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Asian girl gives head really well

For those who love to have their dick surrounded by an Asian woman’s tongue, inner cheeks and teeth then these pictures will be just what the sex doctor ordered. Asian Fellation brings us this dick loving lady, who also happens to enjoy getting some milky baby making spunk all over her face too. Don’t you love seeing a girl on her knees gobbling down your pecker while she looks into your eyes? Look no further. This Asian girl gives head like she has been doing it for years.

She gets her little face awash in sperm!

Sperm bath for Asian chick's face

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Sexy Nude Filipina Selfies

by Ethnic Lover on April 16, 2014

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Sexy nude Filipina selfies

Who here wants to have a girlfriend from the Philippines that likes sending naked photos to you every week? If you raised your hand then you will love these sexy nude Filipina selfies. The young ladies name is Sandy and she really loves showing off her tight little Asian body to the world. Asian Sexting offers up lots more similar self-shot pictures of some of the hottest Asian vixens you have ever seen. Picture receiving texts containing the following photos, and you might just be in heaven.

Sandy is naked and fingering her sweet pussy.

Naked Filipina fingers in pussy

Wrapped in a red scarf and nothing else!

Hot Filipino babe sexting picture

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See Really Big Asian Tits

by Ethnic Lover on April 15, 2014

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See really big Asian tits

You don’t need to look much further for Asian women with impressively large breasts. The fun and mostly exclusive Asian And Busty website offers a decent size collection of these unique and memorable knockers. Imagine wrapping your fingers around these really big Asian tits each and every night, or sliding your throbbing trouser snake between them. If only there were many more Asian ladies with big dick pillows.

Those dark nipples will keep you up at night!

Very brown Asian nipples and areolas

Could her plump tits be any more perfect?

Perfectly round plump Asian boobs

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Asian Woman’s Long Hard Nipples

by Ethnic Lover on April 14, 2014

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Asian long hard nipples photo

For those on the look out for an Asian woman with impressively long nipples this wifey is going to do the trick. She comes from the Asian amateur website Asian Porngasm, where you will find a large amount of mostly original self-shot images and videos of super hot Filipino, Thai, Japanese, Chinese and other Asian babes. The picture in this post comes from a user who submitted photos of his wife’s amazing long hard nipples. Her big knockers will make your head spin, and make you wish you could fondle those fun bags every night. Here’s to Asian woman with not only plump juggs but also erect long nips.

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Striking BBW Chick From XL Asians In The Shower

by Ethnic Lover on March 20, 2014

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Striking Asian BBW chick naked in the shower

It’s not common to see BBW women on ILEW, but when I added this site I thought there are bound to be some interested Asian lovers out there. XL Asians is a site dedicated to plump women from Asia. The striking model in this post is Bam, which is the perfect name for her. She is taking a shower, which means we can all take a look at her curvy and ample body. See if you like her overweight sexiness.

Bam is one pretty big girl.

Wet Asian fat girl naked

Check out her nice ass and large tits.

Overweight Asian model showering with a big ass

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Gravure Model Hiroko’s Bushy Pussy & Small Tits

by Ethnic Lover on March 18, 2014

in Sexy Asian

Take a gander at this lovely Japanese sex pot by the name of Hiroko. She comes from the website Gravure.com where all of the models are from Japan and love to show off their smooth Asian bodies. The ladies of this website are original to the site and therefore will likely peak all of you Asian lovers’ interest.

Hiroko likes to sit naked next to her window.

Gravure model hiroko has bushy pussy and small tits

She also enjoys putting her bare pale booty on the counter.

20-year-old gravure babe naked with small tits and a furry bush

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Twisty’s Gorgeous Mia Malkova In Poolside Play

by Ethnic Lover on March 6, 2014

in Euro Porn

If you have yet to meet the gorgeous 21-year-old Mia Malkova then allow me to be the first to introduce her to you. She is of Irish, French Canadian and German descent. Twistys has been kind enough to shoot these exclusive images of the bright-eyed and bushy tailed Mia in her birthday suit. She is gleaming in all her beauty as she plays poolside and shows us her perfect smooth body. Man oh man does she have an impressive rear end. See it for yourself.


Tamala Jones Lesbian Makeout Scene Is a Must See

by Ethnic Lover on February 28, 2014

in Black Ebony

Perhaps you are familiar with the actress Tamala Jones and her body of work, or at least her body. If you haven’t yet seen the movie Confessions of A Call Girl then you are in for a treat. In this heated scene you will see Tamala makeout with another woman in a library. Let’s just say that they had more on their minds than sticking their noses in the stacks. Mr Skin is to thank for this intense roll in the lesbian hay.


Busty Japanese Mitsuko Doll

by Ethnic Lover on February 27, 2014

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Busty Japanese Mitsuko Doll

I’ve been on a real Asian kick lately, and I’m loving it. I recently came across this busty Japanese girl by the name of Mitsuko Doll. She is sporting some rather round and large fake breasts, something that many of you will undoubtedly enjoy. I’ll let the images do the talking, but apparently Mitsuko does a lot of talking as well considering the consistent cam shows she does for her members. What a gal!

Mitsuko looks damn good from behind.

A thick Japanese ass bent over

Her supple legs spread wide and those big knockers pointing.

Mitsuko Doll's big tits are poking out of her white top

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Tiny Pale Japanese Tits

by Ethnic Lover on February 25, 2014

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Tiny pale Japanese tits

I was happy to come across the top notch Asian tease website CKE 18, specifically Japanese teens, that will make you lick your chops. As if 18 to 22 or so year old girls from Japan weren’t already tantalizing enough, now you can get serious blue balls from these big fat teases. Machiko is an example of the types of girls inside this site, and her skimpy nurse outfit has just enough material to drive you wild. Her tiny pale Japanese tits will make you want to stay for the final course, and then for the night. Check out those small boobies and picture the rest of her fine friends.

Machiko likes to crouch naked before getting freaky.

Machiko's small Asian boobies while nude

She is playing with herself and her boobs need some attention.

Smooth Japanese teen skin and bare pale tits

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Humungous Asian Boobs Video

by Ethnic Lover on February 21, 2014

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Searching for an Asian woman with immense tits? You my friend are in luck, because I have found you this  humungous Asian boobs video that will rock your world. In typical Japanese porn style this big breasted woman whimpers throughout the video, but just wait and see what is being done to her lovely knockers. The website Asia Juggs introduces us to this plump funbag cutie. She even rides a lucky man’s dick while her giant tits flop and bounce.


Frolicking Nude Asian Babes on the Beach (Video)

by Ethnic Lover on February 20, 2014

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Can you imagine anything more tantalizing than heading out to the beach and spotting three nude Asian babes frolicking in the waves? Anya, Ming Sueng, and Miko are the three tasty treats in this eight minute long sensuous video from Young Asian Bunnies. They toss around a beach ball as their sumptuous breasts bounce and lift into the air. Watch the rest of the video to see what these wet females get up to.


Sexy Italian Feet

by Ethnic Lover on February 7, 2014

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Sexy Italian feet

Sometimes all you need are two pairs of bare feet and some supple legs to get through the night. Dafne is the lovely model and she is showing off her sexy Italian feet. She comes from the foot porn website Passione Piedi, which has over 180 exclusive photo sets and almost 60 hot videos. If you love Italian women, and their feet, then Dafne and her many sexy friends will steer you in the right direction.

Her bare pointed foot is telling you to come hither.

Passione Piedi Dafne's pointed toes and cute feet

Those long luscious legs lead to her well manicured feet.

Long brown Italian legs so soft and bare feet


Pretty Asian Girl’s Hanging Tits

by Ethnic Lover on February 6, 2014

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Pretty Asian girl smiling with small tits and hard nipples

I’ve come across a pretty Asian girl and her hanging tits from the top notch Asian porn site The Black Alley who will be easy on the eyes. Patricia Tsang is the name of this attractive cutie pie and she is prepared to invite you into her inner lair. Her tender nipples are just the tip of the Asian iceberg that is inside of this site’s large collection. Enjoy Patricia’s photos and then check out the site for yourself.

Those are some damn nice perky boobies!

Patricia Tsangs perfect Asian boobies

Her sweet taco is awaiting your arrival.

Gorgeous smiling Asian honey with a furry pussy showing her pale legs


British Trophy Wife With Big Tits: Lady Sonia

by Ethnic Lover on February 6, 2014

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British Trophy Wife with Big Tits Lady Sonia

If you have ever been to jolly old England and spotted a hot older woman then this little vixen will likely remind you of that time. Lady Sonia is a refined, yet naughty British trophy wife with big tits and a penchant for showing off her banging body. See for yourself with the sample sizzling images below just the kind of lady Sonia is:

She lets her tits hang and puts her ass up in the air all while still wearing her black heels.

Horny UK Milf with Large Milky Breasts and High Heels

With a smile and ass like that you know Sonia is ready for anything.

 Lady Sonia pussy no hair


Hot Angelina Valentine Masturbating

by Ethnic Lover on July 15, 2013

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Hot Angelina Valentine masturbating

You may be new to the world of this hot Italian and Venezuelan sexpot, but you will be very familiar with the type of sexual activity she partakes in. Her personal website has been up and running for years now, and her sexy ass has been sucked, fucked, and stuffed by all manner of people. Check out this hot Angelina Valentine masturbating picture to catch a glimpse into her freaky life. She loves to not only please herself, but many of her friends as well. Wouldn’t you love to have been standing behind her during this photo shoot? Visit Angelina’s review page to find out what she is serving up for her fans.


Yurizan Beltran’s Amazing Giant Tits

by Ethnic Lover on July 14, 2013

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Yurizan Beltran's amazing giant tits

If you are a big fan of incredibly busty Latina babes then the one and only Yuri Luv will blow you away, in more ways than one. Her massive knockers might just knock you to the ground once you lay your eyes and hopefully dick on them. They are monstrous slabs of flesh to fondle, rub against, and stare at for hours on end. She also happens to have a substantial ass, and a mouth that loves to please men and women. I reviewed her website a few years back, and she is still going strong. Check out the above sample photo before reading her in depth review. Yurizan Beltran’s amazing giant tits are the best!


Sweet Asian Pootang

by Ethnic Lover on May 27, 2013

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Sweet Asian pootang

Here we have a tasty Thai treat showing off her lovely pink. Her long spiraling hair, red lips, pouty mouth, and perfect little natural breasts all lead to one thing…of course her sweet Asian pootang! We can all thank Asian Candy Shop for this cutie pie. Now you can imagine the sensation of touching her brown skin, penetrating her lips with your finger, and sliding your obviously throbbing member deep inside of her taco. This Thai tart is one girl you would like to get to know better, and luckily there are many more like her inside of the Asian pornsite.


Alexis Amore Double Dick Party

by Ethnic Lover on December 6, 2012

in Latina Pussy

Alexis Amore Double Dick Party

If you are in the mood for some Peruvian pussy then perhaps you should check out the indomitable Alexis Amore. She has a huge pair of tits and a dark shaved pussy to die for. In these few sample pictures you can see just what type of craven girl she is. Her horny side comes out as she takes on two well-endowed gentlemen. Her mouth and pussy are filled up with their thickness. Visit Club Alexis Amore for more tasty treats straight from Peru.

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Indian Masala Boobs

by Ethnic Lover on August 17, 2012

in Indian Ass

Indian Masala Boobs

Have you ever had the opportunity to touch and or suck on a sweet pair of Indian masala boobs? If not, I highly suggest giving them a spin, or lick. All brown, caramel or cinnamon flavored and with hard dark nipples, these ladies have a lot to offer. The fun website Bonk My Indian features tons of these babes from the spicy country that most of us have never visited. Now is your chance to dip your wick inside of one of these gorgeous honeys and see what the experience is like.get a taste by seeing their tits open to the world. [click to continue…]


Thick Italian Housewife Anal Sex

by Ethnic Lover on May 31, 2012

in Euro Porn

I recently reviewed a unique amateur porn site featuring a horny couple that films their sexual exploits. This Tuscany based pair are not only in love with one another but they enjoy doing naughty things on camera. The above clip will show you some Italian housewife anal sex courtesy of the Chubby Blondy website. If you enjoy European booty, especially really white and expansive ass, then this little vixen will rock your world.

She has a bit more weight on her, but the added pounds are spread out to the ideal locations, mainly her boobs, hips and ass. She is a whole lot of fun in the sack, just ask her lucky hubby. Not only does she love sucking his cock and generally pleasing him sexually but she speaks Italian! Imagine penetrating her sweet wet pussy while listening to her talking to you in her native language. Experiencing that would be worth visiting Italy.

As I mentioned earlier, she does anal. This clip will wet your whistle, but the other over sixty videos and forty plus picture sets will make your Johnson hum. Your membership also gives you full access to a gaggle of other network websites, with more than enough fine European honeys getting nasty on camera.


Amazing Indian Babe Blowjob

by Ethnic Lover on April 16, 2012

in Indian Ass

This site was fun to review because I love me some real Indian ladies. In this video she warms up his cock by licking it from its base to its tip before giving him the best Indian babe blowjob he has likely experienced. Her tongue drives him crazy before she takes his tip and slides it between her lips. What a thrill to have such an intense blowjob! The name of the site is Bollywood Nudes and it features other hot Desi type girls exploring their inner sensual freak. Most of the videos have Indian type music playing so you can lay back and take in the amazing goings on.

If you enjoy dark skin Punjab honeys then you will appreciate the ladies on full display inside the members’ area. Keep in mind also that these chicks are gorgeous and sexy, and you will soon be dreaming of bedding them in your own home. After all, who wouldn’t want to have sex with one of these experienced and sensual Indian gals?


Cleo Fingers Wet Polish Pussy

by Ethnic Lover on March 15, 2012

in Euro Porn

I recently reviewed a site featuring a thick blonde babe from Poland called Amazing Cleo. She is a horny chick that loves doing all kinds of sexual things, especially touching herself. If you have never seen Polish pussy before now is the time to bust that cherry wide open. In fact, after you watch this almost five minute long video clip you will want to find yourself a Warsaw hottie for those cold nights. If it wasn’t for women like this, meaning a big butt, large breasts and a sexual hunger, where would this world be?

This clip will show you exactly the type of content that is in store for you once you join this site. Cleo enjoys doing all kinds of things, including masturbating, giving blowjobs, and even having hardcore penetration with big dicks. Her ass is so big that it provides plenty of padding for the intense pushing she so enjoys doing. Her site is fairly new so there is not a ton of content, but her videos and picture sets give you enough to satisfy your hunger. This video will show you what her sweet pussy looks like up close, and I’m sure you will want to see much more of her amazing ass.


Kate Upton Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Video

by Ethnic Lover on February 23, 2012

in Euro Porn

From time to time here at ILEW I feel compelled to include some non-ethnic women who are too damn hot to pass up. Kate Upton fits perfectly into that category due to her tremendous hotness. If you have never heard of this gorgeous 19-year-old (June 10, 1992) model then allow me to introduce you to her via this ridiculously hot video from her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover shoot. She was born in Michigan but ended up growing up in sunny Florida where she no doubt stretched many necks prancing around the beach.

Upton is known for her large natural breasts, big hips, and Marilyn Monroe-ish face. She has blue/green eyes, a mole just above her lip and a big smile that will render most men speechless. Her youth and naivete play a big part of her appeal, but her curvy natural body helps too. Once you get a glimpse of her jiggling boobs, smile and sparkling eyes you will be hooked. She won’t be a teenager for much longer, but something tells me that she is going to be just as hot at 25 as she is now.

The above clip is a mishmash of snippets from her 2012 shoot for SI magazine, in which she rolls around in the sand, busts a move and looks coyly into the camera. The crazy thing is that some lucky jerk is having sex with her. Once you have watched the video five times, try and picture having a chance to make out with this gorgeous teen. Knowing where to start would be the first problem, but somehow I think she has a bit of experience.

See More Photos of Kate Upton Here


Self-shot Latina

by Ethnic Lover on February 18, 2012

in Latina Pussy

Self-shot Latina

Sometimes the sexiest chicas are the ones who shoot themselves naked in their own bathroom mirror. Check out this tender gorgeous self-shot Latina posing with her camera pointed at her sexy body. Gina loves to snap pictures of her smooth flesh and small natural tits, with those dark nipples. She happens to be damn fine too, and her long dark hair makes her even sexier. These photos were sent over to Sweet Apples, a website that collects all kinds of amateur content, both nude and non-nude. You can get a taste right now by clicking on her photo or visiting the website.

She reminds me of another ethnic hottie from the post Indian natural breasts, where you will find another amateur babe showing off her sweet physical assets. I am trying to picture Gina slipping out of her panties and bra, hopping on top of my lap and grinding away until the break of dawn. Her big dark eyes boring into my skull and her small titties bouncing around would be almost too much to handle. Looking at her self-shot topless pictures it seems that she is ready to enter the wild time of her life, which means that the person to meet her next might get laid very quickly.